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winter workshop board

Intention is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to share skills, magic and love with the community! 

So the question is: what do you want to do?  Can you bring the supplies for it?  Is there something you know that you are open to teaching others or a group activity you can facilitate? From techie geek-outs to relationship dialogues. From nature walks to contact dance to arts and crafts.  The sky is the limit!  Simple or complex.  If you think you might want it to happen, bring it!

If you'd like to facilitate a workshop or lead an activity, please fill out the form below.  We will be accepting applications until December 14th, submissions are now closed.

Facilitating a workshop can count as your volunteer contribution for the event.

Contact workshops[at]intentiongathering[dot]org for more info.

For an idea of the type of workshops we might have, here's a sampling of a few previous years:
(note: there are ALWAYS workshops at Intention, both summer and winter, however in some cases the final workshop list was compiled very late and isn't actually available on the website on a single page)
and more of our older websites can be found at http://intentiongathering.org/intention_history



Please give the full name of the workshop facilitator(s)
Please give a valid email address for correspondence with Intention organizers.
If there are any restrictions on a minimum or maximum number for your workshop, please state them here.
How long approximately you think your workshop will take (maximum of two hours)
Please give a clear an concise description of the workshop, suitable for including in the printed program. Approximately 50 words would be great.
Please give a short bio for the faciliator(s), suitable for including in the printed program. Approximately 50 words (per person) would be great.
Are there any days/times that you are not able to offer your workshop, and/or is the workshop time-specific (e.g. evening or morning only)?
Please tell us any logistics of your workshop. i.e. if you need a quiet space, or a projector, or music, etc. We will try to help accommodate you. We can provide projector and/or sound equipment but we expect you to bring the media you are projecting/playing. If you require music for your workshop but don't have your own with you, please talk to the workshop coordinator immediately upon arriving at the event, so that we have time to arrange something. We do NOT provide art supplies, writing paper or other such items, you must bring your own.