We have the following DJs playing on various nights, for your dancing pleasure (and Texture & Light is not a DJ, he is a live electronic performer!)

Instant Love -
Beatrix the White -
innerG -
Texture & Light -
Aerion -
Pwayo -
Judge Ming -
Stargirl -
Dave Praxis -
Octivate -
Soulsystem -
Dilly D -
Mazeguider -
Cronneloctopus -
Phyrfly -

for the lineup for the NYE party, see here
There will be dance parties on ALL FOUR NIGHTS!

Intention is organized entirely by volunteer Orgs who are members of the community. Performers and organizers are not paid, and all participants share their labour and talent out of love for the community.

If you are a DJ and are coming to Intention, we will try to find a spot on the schedule for you!  First come first served, so the SOONER you contact us, the more likely you will get a timeslot.  Live acts also welcome!

If you are interested in DJing or playing live music, please send a detailed email to party[at]intentiongathering[dot]org by END OF DAY DECEMBER 13