Family Pod

kids at Elphinstone dining hall

Intention is a family friendly community and more kids seem to pop up every year. Do you have children, activity ideas, an interest in playing with kids or a desire to support parents to participate more in their community?

Intention Gathering has a designated Family Lodge that is in a quieter part of the camp and the central area of the lodge is transformed into a dedicated play area. Feel free to bring large and small toys, games, age appropriate craft projects, enthusiasm, little people, and your own inner kid!  

The Kids Zone is primarily a self serve area using donated or shared items from members of the community, so we ask parents and kids to please take care of the supplies, equipment and their space. Labelling your items can make it easier to retrieve them later.

Please note that The Intention Gathering as an organization does not provide childcare, and parents are legally responsible for their children at all times. Community members may support parents by supervising their children while they attend workshops or dance; however, parents must remain accessible in case of problems or emergencies. Please talk to Family Pod members during the event to get more information on how the community supports parents at Intention.

Also, although meals are provided as part of your ticket, please note the meal times are unlikely to match your kids' eating schedules (especially for early-birds). Please bring your own food for kids who are too young to adapt to the meal plan provided for the event (but no nuts whatsoever on premises!).  There will be a variety of cereals available for children before the regular breakfast time.

If you can help with Family Pod or need more information, please email family[at]intentiongathering[dot]org .