Getting There

Elphinstone Exploration Hall

The gate officially opens Thursday at 4pm! Please do not arrive before 4pm unless we know that you are helping with set-up.  

The location is beautiful Camp Elphinstone on the Sunshine Coast near Gibsons, a short ferry ride from Vancouver. 

There are two ways to get there: 

DRIVE: It costs $54 + $16.15 per passenger (round trip) to take a vehicle on the ferry. 

Advantages: it's really easy to get there and you can also fill up your vehicle with people looking for rides on the rideshare board (see below).

Disadvantages: it's a bit pricey and carbon-intensive. 

BUS: It costs $2.85 for Translink + $16.15 per passenger (round trip) to walk on the ferry. From the Langdale ferry terminal, you can walk (~25mins) or bike (~10mins) to Camp Elphinstone or we will have a shuttle bus to pick you up at the terminal for specific sailings (details of the shuttle schedule will be released 1-2 weeks prior to the event in the confirmation email).  (You can also take a taxi from the ferry to the camp for about $10.)

Advantages: it's quite affordable, it’s pretty easy to get to Horseshoe Bay by bus, it’s less carbon intensive, we have a shuttle to pick you up or it’s a nice walk, and because we’re inside and food is provided, your gear should be fairly minimal/light. Thus, this is our recommended transportation mode. 

Disadvantages: it's a bit less convenient than just driving and you’re limited to whatever gear you can carry or strap onto your back. 

Either way... the journey is worth it :-) 

- BC Ferry fares (save on fares with an Experience Card or someone else’s)

- BC Ferry departure, arrival and service notices for Sunshine Coast

- Translink trip planning


Join the rideshare on our google spreadsheet!


The gathering is very close to being totally accessible by transit (ferry and bus). If you do not have a ride, you can always ship your gear up separately, walk on to the ferry, and either catch a shuttle or walk to the Camp (20-30 minute walk).

Shuttle buses will be scheduled to meet the ferries with the highest predicted number of attendees.  The schedule will go out by email to registrants 1-2 weeks before the event.