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Intention is a wonderful opportunity for individuals to share skills, magic and love with the community! See below for a list of scheduled workshops!

Missed your chance to submit a workshop? No problem! There will also be a system to add spontaneous workshops created by ANYONE at the gathering! Please be ready to engage and participate to your fullest!

So the question is: what do you want to do?  Can you bring the supplies for it?  Is there something you know that you are open to teaching others? From techie geek-outs to relationship dialogues. From a cabin room boardgames breakout to outdoor nature walks.  The sky is the limit!  Simple or complex.  If you think you might want it to happen, bring it!

Contact workshops[at]intentiongathering[dot]org for more info.


Workshop Workshop (River Ritcey)

Tips and tools to make any future workshop that you facilitate a big success!

Empathy & Vulnerability (Jonathan & Michael Bean)

This workshop is simple at its heart - each person has an opening to experience as much vulnerability as they choose to experience, and to receive as much empathy as they're ready to receive. It opens up an opportunity to experience the risk and reward of being witnessed in our experience and provides a chance to question the story that we create about ourselves in difficult moments. Everyone will be given a chance to edge past their comfort zone and experience what it's like to take a risk and to be deeply supported in that risk by their community and their peers. There are profound gifts in being vulnerable, and this experience is for anyone who wants to find out exactly what those are.

Synergy of Right and Left Brain Community Management (John Andreas)

Are you involved with a group, community, or organization that is experiencing people problems?  Personality issues?  Conflicts or frustrations?  Stagnation?  Indecisiveness or
paralysis?  Come join this workshop and explore ways of working with your group to address these issues and more.  Learn about organizational structures and how they may defeat whole person / brain involvement. Discover how "right" brain consciousness - what is emotional, relational, intuitive, soulful / spirited - can be empowered and woven into your groups activities and procedures. Explore how to culture social spiritual gifts in your group and bridge them to your existing projects, committees or departments.

Permaculture and Exreme Poverty: Transforming Communities and the Earth (Lisa Love

We will look at the impact of climate change, politics, food insecurity, hunger and malnutrition has on smallholder farmers and people living in extreme poverty. How Permaculture and cooperation are Transforming the earth and people's lives. Lessons from Sierra Leone and the Philippines. Also explore what you can do wherever you are.

Postural Intentions in Movement (Julien Karl)

Postural coordination in movement is the ability to simultaneously engage both deep muscles to protect the body as well superficial muscles to complete a movement. The participant will experience concepts, exercises and movements that are concrete, functional and applicable to daily life. Everybody will experience, feel and correct their own compensations creating the tools to significantly reduce chronic pain and prevent injuries. The focus is the integration of a clear inner dialogue allowing one to reproduce properly this methodology in order to move with efficiency and confidence.

Contact Improvisation  - Fundamental Techniques (River Ritcey)

This workshop is for all levels of experience and physical capability and will offer an introduction to the basic principles as well as discuss key concepts for those with a more advanced understanding of Contact Improvisation. We will look at the physical principles of touch, momentum, shared weight, the foundations for flying and of course- the point of contact. Come and experience the joy of being in body, the joy of being present and being lost - the joy of co-creation through dance. Note: This class will be looking at learning the technical aspects of contact more than looking at the psychological components. It’s a physics class rather than a chemistry class ;)

Contact Juggling Cartography (Daniel Sloan)

Learn to balance and roll a ball on your body!  Foundational concepts given for dancing with objects! Balance point acquisition, imaginary shapes, isolations, more!  From the mountains of the skull bones to the wristy regions of the lower palm and beyond, learn to create a personal cartography of contact juggling!

Waves of Bliss: Live Music Yoga (Loretta Laurin)

Rhythmic, heart-opening, tension-melting, spirit-energizing yoga and live meditative sounds from around the world!

A gentle yet powerful practice, flowing through simple postures with an emphasis on fluidity, ease, and developing your own body intuition. Follow the tides of your breath and bring warmth, flexibility, and supple strength to the body. Then melt into bliss with a slow and juicy yin style stretch and a relaxing sound journey. Ride the juicy waves of flutes, chimes, didgeridoo, gongs, world beats, and beyond. No yoga experience necessary, all are welcome. Bring yoga mats, blankets, pillows, etc.

Touching Colours (Laura Gutierrez Funderburk)

Come and explore the world of synaesthesia. Through this workshop, you will have the opportunity to increase your awareness on your surroundings and what the things you see make you feel. You will then have the opportunity to explore deeper within your perceptions and share this with others in the form of a painting. The goal of this workshop is to help you uncover the connections your inner self holds between the senses of sight and touch.

Embrace the Mystery (Willy Lavendel)

After we all connect through a group check-in we will collectively choose what we want to work on. This is a new concept where I’m experimenting with an organic approach. Using Shamanic modalities, we will move into different realms, discover newness and play with the energies that arise. There will be music, drumming, guided journeys, sharing and exploration! Bring a writing book and a sacred object. Hope to see you there :)

Reintegration of Body, Mind & Spirit (Jane MCNeil)

Have you ever wondered why you don't achieve the peace of mind, success and happiness you want? Many of us have had transformative experiences, either through spiritual awakening, personal growth or plant medicines, in which we thought from that point forward, our lives would be changed positively forever!  Yet when we went back to some of the same old addictive or negative patterns, we were devastated?  Learn the secrets to avoiding pitfalls and achieving life-long happiness in this growth and peace producing workshop! Bring Yoga mats; blankets, eye shades (meditation part), writing paper & pen.

Vocal Improv (Annie Becker)

In this workshop we will explore creating soundscapes with our voices. Singing together while playing with different vocal lines. We will cover basic Beatboxing, Scatting, and playing with a loop station to give everyone a chance to build a soundscape together.

Breath Session (Mark Bugala)

Come breath and integrate all the randomness that's still hanging out in your emotional field. Modeled after Transformational Breath (Trade Mark), this gentle approach bypasses the left
brain and invites the body wisdom to make an appearance. Breath work originated to super oxygenate the body to mimic LSD.  Please bring a  Pillow, and a Yoga Mat or
Blanket for underneath you, and a Blanket for on top.