Party Night - Jan 2/3 overnight

Every Year at Winter Intention we pick one night to invite the rest of the community that cannot join us for the entire event to come for a single night and help us turn things up a notch.  (There are dance parties all four nights but this is the BIGGEST one!)

This includes not only a night of dancing, but also a bed, three meals, workshops, and an opportunity to participate in whatever else is going on that day at Winter Intenion.

LINEUP: (Music starts at 9:00pm, goes until morning).  psytrance, drum and bass, breaks, bassmusic, and more!

Beatrix the White
Soul Seek
Dave Praxis

Each ticket is $60 (includes meals and accommodation)

Please register HERE

(be sure to indicate 'Party Night only' on the registration form)


This is essentially a 24 hr pass to Winter Intention for the night of January 2nd. It includes three meals, and a bed to sleep in.

We reccomend that you show up sometime after lunch (noon) on Saturday, catch some workshops during the day, enjoy dinner with everyone at around 6:00pm, and then enjoy the party.

Then when you wake up on Sunday, you can catch breakfast and lunch, stay for the closing circle, and head out with everyone else in the afternoon.



The location is YMCA Camp Elphinstone in Gibsons. It is about 10 minutes away from the Sunshine Coast ferry terminal.

There are two ways to get there.

ONE IS TO DRIVE. It costs $53 + 15$ per passenger (round trip) to take the Ferry.

The advantage of this approach is that it's really easy to get there. You can also fill your car up with people lookng for rides on the rideshare board (see above)

The disadvantage is that it's a bit pricey.

THE OTHER IS TO BUS. It costs $2.75 for Translink + $15 per passenger (round trip) to take the ferry. We will shuttle you to Camp Elphinestone from the terminal for specific sailings.

*shuttle schedule will be posted soon*

The advantage of taking the bus is that it's quite affordable. It is actually really easy to get to Horseshoe Bay terminal by bus. Because we are inside and food is provided, your gear should be minimal, so this option is highly reccomended.

The disadvantage of the bus option is that it's a bit less convenient then just driving there, and you are limited to whatever gear you can carry or strap onto your back.

and either way... the long journey is worth it :-)

come join us! :-)

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