Camp Info and Location / What To Bring

Camp Info

Camp Info will be emailed to all confirmed (paid and registered) participants. If you have registered, but you have not received this email, contact us at registration[at]intentiongathering[dot]org

Note: the above email was not sent immediately upon registration but was instead sent to all registrants at once, approx. 11:15pm on Dec 28 for full event participants, and 12:45am on Dec 29 for the Jan 2 "party night" partticipants (see here  ).  So if you are registered for either, and did not receive an email, check your spam/junkmail folder and if it isn't there, contact registration[at]intentiongathering[dot]org immediately. 

Getting There & The Rideshare Board

Instructions on the exact location has been sent to all registered participants (same email as the one referred to above) 


What to Bring

The camp provides a full dining hall with all meals catered and simple kitchen facilities in the cabins. Meal times and program will be posted at the camp. Like last year, a selection of breakfast cereal will be available in the early mornings to parents with small children.

All lodges are heated and have regular electric outlets. Bunk beds with single width, vinyl-covered mattresses are provided so bring bedding or sleeping bags and pillows. Feel free to bring extra fabric to screen off your bunk, or anything else you'd like to decorate the shared space with. Tacks and push-pins are prohibited, painter's tape or blu-tack are allowed.

What to Leave Behind

  • ANISE/FENNEL/LICORICE: one of our attendees cannot be in the same room as these, life-threatening allergy. Commonly in Fisherman's Friends, Chai Tea, Other Teas, Curries, mixed spices.
  • candles - wax leaves messes that cost us extra for cleanup
  • incense - no smoke, scent, or vapour of any kind is allowed inside the buildings
  • hangups
  • cares and worries
  • negative attitudes
  • dogs and other companion animals (Unfortunately animals--especially dogs--do not mix well with a large crowd of strange people of all ages. We don't like the idea of having to ask folks who bring animals to keep them tied up at all times, so we ask if you would please leave your non-human friends with others who can love them safely over Intention week. Thx)
  • Drugs & Alcohol - As we are are staying at a kids camp, we have reassured the camp that anyone seen with either will be made to leave immediately. 


  • WARM CLOTHES e.g. socks, sweaters, longjohns, extra pair of shoes, gloves, etc.
  • bedding (bunk beds have vinyl-covered mattresses)
  • toiletries
  • towels
  • snacks and food if you have food allergies, to be kept in the kitchen units in each lodge
  • raingear
  • pj's
  • slippers

Highly Recommended to Bring

  • flashlight
  • musical instruments
  • journal
  • costumes

Would be Really Cool if you could Bring

  • tea (mate, herbals, hot chocolate - NO CHAI unless you are 100% sure it is 100% fennel free, see above!)
  • craft supplies, e.g. fabric, paintbrushes, paints, crayons, paper, beads, feathers, crepe paper, glue gun w/glue, scissors... we are going to have a crafting zone set up this where you can craft and create to your heart's desire
  • rugs, couches, pillows 
  • wall-hangings
  • yoga mats
  • LED christmas lights
  • boardgames, cards
  • videos

And last but definitely *not* least, bring your love, cuddles, and urge to dance, express yourself and participate!