Workshops, Art and Magic

Intention is an opportunity for individuals to share skills, magic and love with the community. This year we have many talented folks stepping up to offer their gifts at the gathering in the form of workshops.

There will also likely be spontaneous workshops created at the gathering that are not on this list!

Contact Lindsay at workshops[at]intentiongathering[dot]org for more info.

Workshop Schedule

(locations for each workshop are found in the "flow" page, aka the master schedule)

12 Step Meetings with Omid
Saturday, Sunday 8-9am, Monday at 10-10:45
This is a meeting for addicts, children or loved ones of addicts, people that don't know where they're at, or anyone interested in learning more. It will be formatted and run like a 12 step meeting, and focused on any and all addictions. I know it's early, but please come check it out!

Trading Circle with Katia
Saturday 10-11:30 am
Everyone bring one item to trade in the trading circle.

Rainforest Ecology with Ross and Kym
Saturday 10-11:30 am
A forest walk to talk about local rainforest ecology and ethnobotany, including traditional uses of plants by aboriginal communities.

Chakra Awakening Belly Dance with Taiya
Saturday 10-11:30 am
Exploring the medicine of movement with the mystic of ancient bellydance moves combined with the teachings of your 7 chakras.

Empowered, Embodied Speech with Sadra and Rachel
Saturday 11:45-1:00pm
In these workshops, through vocal exercises and physical postures, I guide people to explore and become intimate with the way our bodies shape breath into sound while speaking. There is an emphasis on bringing awareness to tensions and habits that restrict the fullness of our innate voice. The workshop is also aimed to help people experience how to use speech and language medicinally and creatively, for healing and manifestation; Freeing the voice empowers and enlivens mantras, blessings, incantations, affirmations, our poems, our prayers, and stories. In the second half of workshop there are group exercises. Here we apply some of the steps in the first half of the workshop and practice to fully express and anchor ourselves in presence while in conversation.

Community Dance Connection with Dustin
Saturday 11:45-12:45pm
Community building on the dancefloor!

Time Travelor/Life Map with Elijah
Saturday 2:15-3:30

Maitri Breathwork with Nicole and Orion
Saturday 2:15-3:30
Breathwork, is a simple breathing technique used to access altered states of consciousness, allowing you to embody your own healing energy in a supportive and nurturing way. With evocative world music, hands on healing and herbal essences, a profound expansion of self awareness is possible that can activate personal and global healing.

Men’s and Women’s Circles with Shaina WindDancer and Ragunath Ritch
Saturday 3:45-5:15

Meditation and Yoga for Intentional Dancing with Lindsay Starbird
Saturday 8:00-9:00pm
Have your heart and body open and free not by the time the music ends, but when it begins.

Treeing Our World/Seeing Our World with Permanent Culture/Agriculture with Lisa Love
Sunday 10-11:30am
Pathways towards Co-Creating Global Sacred Earth Transformation

Kundalini Yoga with Satya
Sunday 10-11:30am
Join Satya for Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Sunday 10-11:30 am. Called the Yoga of Awareness, this is a dynamic practice including yoga postures, meditation, chanting and pranayam. Bring a mat or blanket to sit on, layers in case you get chilly, a blanket/shawl and water bottle.

Empathy and Vulnerability with the Brothers Bean
Sunday 10-11:30am
Empathy is a word that is connected with health and well being in almost every context.  It makes the injured heal faster, makes professionals more satisfied with their jobs, and is positively connected with most known indicators of well being.  Vulnerability is a necessary ingredient for anyone who wants to experience intimacy, love or human connection.

This workshop will explore both things.  Michael and Jonathan be constructing well-supported situations where participants practice vulnerability, and extend and receive empathy.  Everyone will be given a chance to edge past their comfort zone and experience what it's like to take a risk and to be deeply supported in that risk by their community and their peers.  If you've ever heard the expression "holding space" and wondered exactly what that means (or if you know, but want practice) this workshop is for you.  15 participants only, so come early to hold your spot.

This workshop was known as "breaking your blocks" at last year's Winter Intention.

Soul: Movement with Meaning with Crystal Creek’s Dhyanna
Sunday 11:45-1:00pm
A facilitated journey to empower intentions; done to Native American music and Indian Trance, creating movement metaphors with dance, martial and healing arts. Be prepared to sweat, yell and stretch.

Crystal Council with Serafina
Sunday 11:45-1:00pm
An informal discussion on crystals for everyone.

Total Nonesense: Get outta your mind, with Chris Pollitt
Sunday 4:15-5:45
We will be having a great time getting out of our heads by expressing ourselves through speaking in Gibberish. Fun, bizarre, liberating – Gibberish Sets You Free!

Medicine Wheel and Totemic Dance Workshop, with Maia Balam
Sunday 4:15-5:45
Inspired by 5 rhythms, Osho's dynamic meditation, Butho and Chi Gong, we become the 5 elements and embody the 5 animals of the Incan and Mayan medicine wheel: jaguar, hummingbird, eagle, condor, quetzal.    through the transformation of ourselves into each element and animal we transcend our limitations, trauma and fear to attain our essential, raw and natural self.