DJ / Party Pod

Welcome to the Party Pod page for Summer Intention 19.5. Party Pod has the awesome and important job of organizing the music for our event. My name is Dave Praxis and I'm stoked to return to the role of Pod Lead for Summer Intention. We are currently in the process of recruiting volunteers to help co-create the music for the event. My vision for the event is the DJs working together to serve up an amazing flow of music on each evening. We will have themes of music on each of the three nights, and at the moment the themes for 2 out 3 evenings are yet to be decided. Come and volunteer if you want to help design the themes for those two nights. The volunteers of Party Pod will review the DJ applications then co-create a musical journey by choosing DJs who flow well together. The third night will be the same as last summer, an evening of Technoshamanism Psytrance that excites the senses and delights the soul. 

Party Pod is going to have a meeting soon to start collaborating on this project. It will be from 7-9pm on Tuesday May 1 at Fish's place. Email party[at]intentiongathering[dot]org for more details.