Subsidy Requests

 We have made the cost of attending the Intention Gathering as low as we possibly can.  The ticket prices are very close to the cost of running the event, and any extra goes to fund children's tickets and subsidies.  If a tier 3 ticket is within your price range, please purchase one. (or more!) 
Every year, for participants who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend, we also provide an option to apply for a subsidy. You can ask for whatever you need (we recommend a max of up to $125). This subsidy is based on an honour system, and we ask that only those people who cannot afford the full price request a subsidy.
You will need to initially pay the ticket price, and we will inform you by email on Dec 15th of the amount of subsidy that you'll receive (after registration closes, but while you can still transfer your ticket).  This year our fundraising efforts have been pretty successful, so while there are no guarantees we hope to be able to meet all requests for subsidies.
We would all much rather have you attend than not have you attend, so if you need the subsidy, please don't hesitate to make use of it! That's what it's there for!
Parents, please be aware that youth tickets are already subsidized so we cannot offer further subsidies for those tickets.