Here is a list of workhops confirmed for Intention 16:

Dance Connection
A fun workshop that will cover basic elements of connection-based dancing, and bring awareness to how we influence/engage in the culture of our dance floors and the spaces we socialize and celebrate in. Learn how to combine the expressiveness of your own solo movement with the conversational skill of partner dances such as contact improv and blues fusion. Let’s explore how we can facilitate more connection in ourselves and in our community (on and off the dancefloor)!
Loretta is a playful and intuitive spirit who enjoys inspiring authentic and connected living. She is a movement enthusiast, fitness instructor, event organizer, and communication/life coach. The perfect balance of grounded depth and ridiculous joy, her classes offer a magical and unique fusion experience. Loretta is certified in Kid's & Prenatal Yoga, Pilates, Bellyfit, Groove Method, and more.
Earth Art
We will venture into the forest together and collectively (or separately) create works of impermanent art using natural materials. Part science experiment, part art creation, all play. Tools and equipment such as clippers, buckets and shovels are welcome but not essential.
As a kid, Anna Kirkpatrick was happiest wandering through forests or exploring barefoot on beaches. She still love messing around with water, mud, leaves and rocks.
Grounded feet yoga
Yoga class integrating foot activation, and Pilates
Bryana works in the footcare industry, and wants to expand her current career into empowering her patients to strengthen their ground connection through core and intrinsic muscle strengthening.
How do we change the world? An open discussion about Activism.
If you attend transformational festivals (if you are at Intention) you probably understand that the world we live in is unsustainable, oppressive, and unhealthy. Things need to change for people be happy. But how do we manifest that change? Those with power seem so distant, and activists who attempt to engage with them can seem like "those other people." This workshop aims to discuss ways we can all take some concrete steps to become more socially active wherever we currently are in life.
Octavian is labour, environmental and socialist activist who's lifelong quest to make the world a better place started many years ago through participating in transformational festivals, and who is excited to meet and share with others on the same path.
Sacred Chant Circle
Come together to sing sacred chants from around the world. Easy to sing and so healing. All singing levels encouraged to join.
Erinanne Harper has been singing all my life and would be honoured to share some of her favourite healing chants with you. She lives on Salt Spring Island, Vancouver Native; homesteader, permaculture teacher and seed saver.
Aboriginal Land Rights
Aboriginal land rights are pivotal in shaping Canada's future in many regards. What are those rights? How are they seen by the First Nations? How are they defined by the Canadian legal system? What is happening in BC? This presentation will explore these and other themes so that participants can gain a better understanding of this complex issue.
Anastasia is an educator and activist working in non-profit sector. This workshop is an opportunity to share her current research.
Show Up And Be Seen
Improve your tolerance for uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. Practice failing gracefully, and experience how being willing to make "mistakes" and risk "failing" is key to cultivating vulnerability, self-awareness, confidence and authentic self-expression. Games, small group exercises and supported group work. The only prerequisite is a willingness to explore and stay open.
Michael Bean is one of the best-respected acting coaches and teachers in Vancouver. A classically trained actor with an extensive film and television resume, Michael is the author of the book Confidence on Camera, now in its fourth edition.
The Art of Letting Go
I will lead you through gentle techniques that will allow you to let go of what is no longer serving you. Holding onto suffering restricts the flow of energy, once we are given a safe space and an opportunity to release, it is amazing what we are capable of.
Willy Lavendel has been studying the Shamanic Arts for over 5 years and recently finished his first-year apprenticeship with Angela Prider. His blend of lightness and seriousness creates a balanced atmosphere. He is dedicated to helping people reconnect with their true selves and increase their personal power.
Fluid Grace - An Energizing Vinyasa Flow
Come join me for a grounding and uplifting yoga class. A great way to warm the body up for dancing, and connect to your inner voice. Ease and grace came to mind when thinking about how to describe this practice - that is what I strive to embody in my own practice, and what I'd like to share with you. Bring a yoga mat if you have one, clothes you can move in, and a water bottle.
Shaina is a lover of embodied movement. She enjoys sharing yoga, dance, and massage to facilitate healing and connecting with our body intelligence.
Anything is a Puppet- Found Object Animation
We will explore the idea that a puppet is any performing object. Participants will first discover character through physical exploration, then play with objects to discover specific characteristics. Each object has its own way of moving, communicating, and emoting. Puppeteers will work in groups to improvise and present scenes.
Maggie Winston is a puppeteer and community engaged artist, director of Lost & Found Puppet Co. Facilitating transformative creative processes with an emphasis on inclusion and imagination. Productions explore human relationships to objects such as stories about lost socks, giant junk monsters, and larger-than-life invasive plant species.
Mystical Poems and Melodies
Gather together to share mystical poetry and melodies. Bring poems and lyrics that resonate with your heart, and discover new ones. Musical accompaniment is also most welcome. Several poem books will be available to explore. The magic of what unfolds will be guided by those who show up. "Where does the real poetry come from? From the amorous sighs In this moist dark when making love with form or Spirit.” - Hafiz Where does poetry live? In the eye that says, “Wow-wee,” In the overpowering felt splendor Every sane mind knows When it realizes—our life dance is only for a few magic seconds. From the heart saying, Shouting, “I am so damn Alive!” - Hafiz (translated by Daniel Ladinsky)
Jen is a creative lover of music, movement and mystical poetry. She appreciates how engaging with mystical poems and lyrics lets them permeate her thought patterns and outlook on life. She knows a few poems by heart, and is on her way to knowing a few more. She lives in a cosy cabin overlooking the lake, on the outskirts of Nelson, BC.
Women's Circle - Surrender and Letting Go
Sisters, please join me in create a sacred space to connect to our feminine essence and let go of what we no longer need. Letting go of the the old creates the space in our hearts to welcome in new experiences and perspectives. Shaina will facilitate listening, touch/massage, movement, and sounding/singing practices to help release old emotions stored in our hearts, bodies, minds, and spirits. Please bring a sacred item for the alter that reminds you of your connection to mother earth.
Shaina is a priestess of the the feminine divine, experienced in leading women's circles and facilitating connection and transformation. Patriarchy has devalued the feminine, and we as women have internalized these wounds - what we need to heal is to gather together, listen to each other, support each other, and re-member the sacredness of our feminine goddess-selves.
Sacred Economics 101
Join a facilitated discussion unraveling the mysteries of money. Intro on the mechanisms of money creation and the ramifications to society, ecology and spirit. Participants are invited to share openly their story of money to peel back the secrecy and shame it can invoke. Free booklet to each participant.
Erinanne Harper has been actively studying this topic for 2 years and is fascinated at how it pulls so deeply at who we are. She is a homesteader, permaculture teacher and seed saver on Salt Spring Island and Vancouver native. She loves ecstatic and contact dance, sewing, cooking, building, and singing.
Empathy and Vulnerability
We'll explore what it's like to experience vulnerability, and what it means to provide empathy to people who are there. You only need to bring your willingness.
Michael and Jonathan Bean have been teaching in radically different fields for more than 10 years each. This workshop is where those two worlds overlap.
Candlelight Yin Yoga
This class will be a warm and cozy space to connect to your breath and inner landscape. The yoga practice will be slow, gentle, and very relaxing. This is a safe space for all of your emotions, so please come if you are feeling sad, happy, frustrated, lonely, tired, elated, or grumpy. Wear comfortable, warm clothes, and bring a yoga mat.
Shaina is a lover of embodied movement. She enjoys sharing yoga, dance, and massage to facilitate healing and connecting with our body intelligence.
Dj'ing 101
I would like to invite anyone who has an interest in Dj'ing to come out and play with me and my gear. I will gladly show you any tricks I have learned along the way and do my best to answer any questions you may have. If you have any music of your own you'd like to play with, please bring it on a memory key. I'd also like to invite any other Dj's to come out share in the facilitation.
Hi, it's me, Beatrix the White. Super awesome kick-ass Dj extraordinaire(I'm also very modest too, if fact I'm the most modest). I have been listening and dancing to Electronic music for over a decade, and Dj'ing for almost five Yizzos. When it comes to Djing, there's no one way to skin a cat. I've learned a lot of tricks along the way, and developed an eclectic taste in music, that has made me the rock-star I am today.
Fermentation Essentials
Learn how to make probiotic Sauerkraut and Kimchi at home. Come learn benefits of probiotic fermentation, gain hands-on experience, and leave with some air-locked jars of fresh sauerkraut!
Chris Perozok
Sing for Joy
Lets sing songs of joy and spirit together. Kirtan influenced circle-singing. The focus will be on songs with English language lyrics that enhance our well-being. All voices are welcome!
Dustin Quasar is a west coast based musician, engineer, and Intention gathering veteran.

Every attendee at Intention is invited to give a workshop, on whatever topic they desire. If you didn't submit your idea before the deadline, there will be oppurtunties for renegade/impromptu workshops. A sign-up sheet will be available describing possible locations that are not already booked for a workshop. You'll be invited to describe your workshop at mealtimes.

Email workshops[at]intentiongathering[dot]org with any questions!

Workshop submission is CLOSED, as of Dec 26 at 11am (same as registration)