Decor Pod

Part of what makes Intention so magical, is the space that is created. Visual Stimulus to help inspire creativity and expression. Comfortable places to help foster connection and love. A place to dance, release, and rejuvinate. Our Temple.


This year, our theme is the Four Seasons.  We will have an area and altar dedicated to each of them.


Bring Your Art, Altar Items and Fabric for your personal space and the Community Spaces.LIGHTING HELP needed! If you have intersting or funky lights or just plain white twinkly lights, please bring them.And of course CUSH!!! and I mean cushions of course. Large pillows, futtons, and foamies help create comfortable spaces to connect, or take a moments rest. Any you may have to bring would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some ideas for each of the seasons:
Autumn (red, gold, brown, orange)
- brown, red, gold, orange fabrics
- leaves
-pumpkins, gourds, corn
- antlers
- wood
Winter (white, baby blue)
- white, winter blue fabrics
-snowflakes, pinecones
- icicles
-white lights
- white faery lights (Christmas lights)
Spring (pinks, purples, lime, pastels)
- pinks, purples, lime, pastels) fabrics
- flowers- butterflies
- umbrellas 
Summer (yellow, green, flourescents)
- yellow, green, flourescents
- beach
- shells
Lighting Pod umbrellas under Decor, but has responsibilities of its own. It will collectively plan/organize the lighting equipment we have recently purchased for the main space and dance floor.  If you have experience in this area, please get in touch with the decor POD.
Please contact decor[at]intentiongathering[dot]org for more ideas on how to contribute or with contributions.