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Deadline for applications is June 5, 2018

DJ Application Form – Summer Intention 19.5

Thank you for your interest in playing at Summer Intention 19.5! Party Pod is excited to announce that DJ/performer applications are open! DJs and bands of all genres are welcome to apply by filling out this online form. The application deadline is Tuesday, June 5th and the lineup will be announced on the following weekend.

The themes for two of the evenings are yet to be determined and will be shaped by the musical styles of the DJs and performers that apply. We want musicians to feel welcome and we look forward to seeing what kind of creative ideas come out of this process. We will also have some downtempo music in the late afternoon, after the workshops finish.

The musical theme for one of the three nights will be a repeat of last summer's awesome evening of technoshamanism psychedelic music. We will start with psydub and gradually build up the tempo over the night with psytech and psytrance, crescendoing towards ecstatic climaxes. Party Pod is looking for psychedelic, mystical mixes on this night, to flow with some of the spiritual intentions of The Intention Gathering. Traditional shamanism involves accessing the spirit world and leading community members through altered states of consciousness. Technoshamanism has similar goals but uses intentional EDM instead of the spirit world to guide the dancers on a spiritual journey. It’s a journey that connects them to their inner selves and the energies of their community. A technoshaman serves the community by reflecting the energy of the dance floor back to itself, building up the energy of everyone at the gathering. The sets for this night ideally have a theme or message that the technoshaman wants to share with the community as they go on a journey together. By selecting DJs who bring an intention and flow well together, we hope to co-create mystical experiences on the dance floor through our collective energy.

After the application deadline of June 5, Party Pod will review the applications and then develop themes of music for each night with musicians whose music flows together well. We value DJs who set an intention for their set and want to serve the community with their music.

Intention is participant-driven, non-profit event and everyone volunteers in some way. We keep our ticket prices as low as possible and we value the work of the artists that contribute to our events. DJs/bands who are only coming to perform do not have to pay for the day of their performance.  They can attend for 24 hours, including vegetarian meals for the day. If you wish to stay at the event for longer than 24 hours, you can pay for only the extra days you are attending. You can indicate the length of your stay in the application form. Please include your equipment and any requests when you apply. Party Pod has a limited budget for gear rentals, so we will prioritize gear that is requested by multiple musicians. For all other inquiries, please email party[at]intentiongathering[dot]org

Your legal first name and last name, and a nickname / tribal name / chosen name if that's what you would rather be greeted as.
your DJ /performance name
Your equipment setup, and any special needs. Intention usually features DJs but if you wish to do a Live PA or play as a band, please indicate your equipment needs (mic for vocals/drum, etc.) and we will see if we can accommodate you. In general we expect that turntables (with or without Serrato) or CDJs will be provided by the performer, not by the event, however we are willing to discuss if this complicates your situation.
Party Pod will look at the types of genres proposed by DJs and create a schedule of music that flows together well.
We will have some 24 hour tickets available for friends for a low price.
Please list any links to online music: Soundcloud, Mixcloud, etc.
anything else you want to tell us about yourself or your music. full biography not necessary, we can get that later if need be, but if you have a bio that you want to share (or a link to one) then feel free to put it here.