Rideshare and Shuttle

The gate officially opens Friday at 3pm! Please do not arrive before 3pm unless we know that you are helping with set-up.  


Either use the rideshare sheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UsLVJx_tyTgzH3IWjJ4RET5Be58wc2wd...

Or if you are on Facebook, ask for a ride on the Intention Gathering group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/441299509312476/


The gathering is very close to being totally accessible by transit (ferry and bus). If you do not have a ride, you can always ship your gear up separately, walk on to the ferry, and take transit to the Robert's Creek Store. From there, we will have a shuttle that can pick you up at specific times.

For all the shuttles, please note the following:
- You take bus # 1 (Langdale Ferry/Sechelt) NOT the express bus
- The shuttle will pick you up from the General Store at Roberts Creek within 10 minutes of the bus arrival time.  Please be ready to go and keep an eye out for the shuttle.
- You're almost here, we can't wait!!
Shuttles on Friday
Shuttle 1:
Ferry Leaves at: 135 pm
Ferry Arrives at: 215 pm
Bus Leaves Langdale at: 228 pm
Bus Arrives at General Store: 306 pm
Shuttle 2
Ferry Leaves at: 550 pm
Ferry Arrives at: 630 pm
Bus Leaves Langdale at: 645 pm
Bus Arrives at General Store: 723 pm
Shuttle 3
Ferry Leaves at: 840 pm
Ferry Arrives at: 920 pm
Bus Leaves Langdale at: 940 pm
Bus Arrives at General Store: 1018 pm
Shuttles on Saturday
Shuttle 4
Ferry Leaves at: 940 am
Ferry Arrives at: 1020 am
Bus Leaves Langdale at: 1040 am
Bus Arrives at General Store: 1118 am
Shuttle 5
Ferry Leaves at: 135 pm
Ferry Arrives at: 215 pm
Bus Leaves Langdale at: 235 pm
Bus Arrives at General Store: 313 pm
Shuttle 6
Ferry Leaves at: 635 pm
Ferry Arrives at: 715
Bus Leaves Langdale at: 735 pm
Bus Arrives at General Store: 813 pm

(for full Ferry schedule see http://www.bcferries.com/schedules/mainland/vasc-current.php )
(for full Bus schedule see http://bctransit.com/sunshine-coast/schedules-and-maps/route-overview?route=1)

Please do EVERYTHING you can to arrange your schedule with the shuttle runs. If you get stuck at the general store and you absolutely need a ride, you may text or call 6047246643 (Omid) for a special shuttle pickup.  (Price if you can afford it = 1 ice cream <smile>)  Note this is super inconvenient AND we're happy to do it to stop you from being stuck.
Text message is by far preferred because of the service up here.  But if you call, leave a message, that will be picked up within an hour.
Please make sure you have a number you can be called back at (or leave one if voice mail) so I can reach you back.


Shuttle service back to Roberts Creek for the return trip will be arranged on an as-needed basis, but if you took a shuttle to Intention, you WILL be able to get a shuttle back!

For more information on shuttle service or anything else transport-related, please email transport[at]intentiongathering[dot]org .