Peer Support Pod

Interested in assisting in a Peer Support role?

This pods helps create the space for peer support, and makes sure we have volunteer peer support arranged for the duration of the event.  It takes many volunteers over the course of the weekend to hold this space.  No prior experience or training is required; the only thing needed is willingness to commit the time (the shifts are one and a half hours) and openness to hold space, which we can help guide you with.

This isn't about counselling or solving people's problems.  In fact, it's very much not about that!  It's about just being there for people, and having a space available for our peers.  It is an incredible way to give to your friends at Intention, and one of the most rewarding things that we can do.

If you're looking for an easy way to get involved at intention, especially if you're new to the community, this is a great way to jump in with both feet and be guaranteed a gentle landing! 

Please write us if you're interested, or have any questions.  And come check us out at Intention just to say hi, or if you need a hug or somewhere to be!

Contact peersupport[at]intentiongathering[dot]org

If you're signing up for a peer support shift, remember, we're counting on you! Make sure you have an alarm set and please arrive at your shift 10 minutes early. If for whatever reason you can't make your shift, it's critical to at least let someone from the organizing group know. Ideally, you'd also find someone willing to replace you.

You must be present and willing to create a space of listening for your shift. If you're dealing with stuff, that's fine, share it with your shift partner and then set it aside for your shift. In being a supportive place for others, there will be a shift (pardon the pun!) in what you're dealing with as well.