Music - DJ and Live

Participant holding a microphone next to another looking down at dj equipment


We have three nights of music and dancing, as well as two community talent shows!

Sorry, DJ applications are now closed, try again next year!

and without further ado... here are our DJ superstars!



The legendary Aerion is a long-time favourite in the Intention community who is currently being researched by the Guiness World Book of records for being one of the longest-playing female DJs in history! Aerion has opened up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beastie Boys, Bjork, Pantera, and Deli to Dublin, to name a few. Years of DJing/VJing and involvement in festivals such as Shambhala, Diversity, Bonfire, Under the Volcano, Vibe, etc.... and decades of underground parties have shaped and evolved her sound into an eclectic mash up of any and all electronic genres... woven to suit the subtleties of the moment with loving care and passion. Her sound these days has evolved to include a vast range of genres, giving the dance floor what it yearns for in the moment, as her insatiable taste for fresh new sounds feeds her ever changing style.



Briden has been on the decks for over 10 years now, playing clubs, raves, underground venues, and outdoor festivals including Shambhala, Motion Notion, Entheos Gathering, and Earthdance (Victoria and Vancouver). Briden has become a local underground favorite, by playing a diverse array of sets suited to the particular night. His plan is to play some heavy dubstep / trap / drum and bass at the show for friday night. Realizing the intention of the event, he's steering clear of dirty or negative messages all together. Expect dark themes for the music but uplifting or neutral messaging in any audible vocals. His idea with this set is to showcase new sounds and whip the audience into a frenzy. The set he has planned will not be chill at all, it will be visceral.


Raghunath Khe

Raghunath's music has the intent of transformation and sacred connection – vibrations shared for healing, for growth, for breaking molds, for spiritual activism, for re-union with source. It is an improvised flow drawing from recordings by other artists, and often incorporating many original sonic layers.  He's played a few psy-tech sets in the past couple of years, and have found a fair amount of deep progressive psy and other stuff that he really likes. He fully resonates with the  techno-shamanic vision and loves the idea of having a spiritual psy night. Nothing better in the forest than that!



Emile V. – Better known as EMOG – is a Musician/Producer based in Vancouver, BC with a lifetime commitment and involvement in music. EMOG produces cosmic music that fits within the styles of Psy Dub, Chillstep and Liquid Dubstep and creates deep progressive landscapes riddled with organic bass, enhanced with world ethnic influences. EMOG has performed at festivals like "Shambhala Music festival, Envision Festival, Intention Gatherings etc.". Prepare yourself to be set adrift in a sea of hidden treasures. You will be inspired by the sound and driven by the music.


Instant Love

Dj Instant Love weaves a rich sonic tapestry bringing the dance floor on a musical magic carpet ride. Dj sets morphing genres into dubbed out deep bass journeys and psychedelic spacey glitchy dubby loop based live pa sets. Instant Love is the most recent project of east Vancouver musician/producer Mark Gabriel (Method Recording, l.s.d.j., July Fourth Toilet), whose first live performance was December 2014 at Intention 15. Since then he has been energizing dance floors at Vancouver house parties as well as Intention 15.5 and Intention 16 sharing the stage with Nils, Raghunath Khe, Emog, SobeyOne, Pyrrha Luna, Dr. Thrillhaus, Willisist, Beatrix the White, Dave Praxis, PhenomeDon, thisissammi, Uncle Willy, ian and many more.



Stargirl is a legendary psytrance DJ in the BC rave scene and is much beloved by dancers for her amazing sets. She plans to play a morning psytrance set of space travel music where people can enjoy themselves either by chilling or dancing; or if dancing, creating a space where people can feel comfortable to have a spiritual connection through dance.



Codabass is a father/daughter EDM duo consisting of Coda and his daughter DJ Jinx. They are electronic music producers from Vancouver BC, as well as producer/DJ's. They plan to play heavy dubstep/trap set that will make people dance. This mix from a recent Shadow Puppets event showcases where their style is at these days.


DJ Bad

Garth aka DJ Bad, one of the original Intention DJs from the early 2000s, is treating us a vinyl set on his Tech 12s. He's spent a lot of time with Intention in years past and feels like the vibe well. He selects music that is deep and thoughtful, a bit trippy, fun to dance to, and his particular favourite is to have a sprinkle of fun hooks and samples that bring on some giggles and levity on the dancefloor (He has a good deep techno track that samples the 'yup yup yup' aliens from sesame street—that kind of stuff). He stays away from tracks that are too over-the-top aggressively 'bro-steppy' or harsh electro/resonant filter jacking in their sound palettes, or likewise music that is dark or evil sounding. His intention is to take people on a journey of childlike wonder and also into a selfless flow of just enjoying the sounds washing around them. He's not afraid to dabble in some funky chunky house riffs that have a bit more soul than the standard 'stripped back techy' sound of progressive psy. DJ Bad is badass.



"Citizens of the universe, recording angels, we have returned to claim the pyramids, partying on the Mothership. I am the Mothership connection. Put a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip and come on up to the Mothership. Loose booty, doin' the bump, hustle on over here.  Face it, even your memory banks have forgotten this funk, Mothership connection, home of the p. funk, the bomb. Let me put on my sunglasses here, so I can see what I'm doing... When you hear seats rumble you will hear your conscience grumble, hit me, you gotta hit the band. You have overcome for I am here.  Open up your funky mind and you can fly! Free your mind and your ass will follow!"


Dave Praxis

Dave Praxis is an old school BC raver who loves to serve his community by creating sets that inspire dancing and imagination, in the flow of the collective moment on the dance floor. Uplifting psytrance is his bread and butter, but for Summer Intention: Enchanted Forest, his intention is to provide a fun experience for the women (and men) who love bellydancing. Everyone is welcome to wear their bellydancing outfits on the Saturday evening and take a turn dancing on the stage. The set will be driven by deep, powerful baselines combined with middle eastern instruments and singing. You can hear an example of this style of music starting at 59:15 of the following mix.


Dilly D

Dilly D aka Mukishiro is an awesome DJ and Live PA who knows how to make the dancefloor rock. He's prolific and plays everything from psytrance to speed garage and breaks. He's played at Shambhala, Valhalla, Winter Intention, 200,000 Untzes, and Organix. Dilly D is going to finish off our night of technoshamanistic psytrance so get ready to dance!



Pwayo is a Vancouver-based trap dj/producer. Weaving melodious soundscapes with grimey energetic beats and a splash of jazz, his playful sets inspire creativity and set the stage for epic sound journeys. Keeping the bass low and tha vibes high, get ready to shake it to some new cray~!  He's going to play a "chill to medium" trap set on the Bass night of Enchanted Forest.


Azure Vale

Azure Vale wants to provide his audience with music that encourages them to dance, that doesn't deprive them of their  body's intuition by dropping out the beats, or coming in with unexpected losses of noise that robs them of the dancer's trance. I want to drive up the intention on the first night of the event with the increased energy from the city, giving my audience the courage to take those intuitive ecstatic movements into the kinaesthetic awareness, and throughout the rest of the event's more downtempo performances.  He plans  to play high tech minimal techno as it brings an upbeat sound engages the attention and encourages the body to drop into multiple layers of beats, melodies , and intriguing sounds.



Since 1999, Thrillhaus has travelled time and space in pursuit of the finest flavours of sonic psychedelia. He has held residencies on the Moon, in Alpha Centauri, at Ottawa's The Well, and in Guangzhou's Voltage, and now plays for the ritual nights and foggy forests of the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the U.S.

Thrillhaus has shared stages with Space Tribe, Juno Reactor, Sensient, Infected Mushroom, Blue Lunar Monkey, Ceu, and Jesse Cook. He performed for years as a street musician in the Afro-Cuban/Samba band Sambata and is a founding member of Back Beyond Productions.


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