Music - DJ and Live


The musical lineup for summer intention is coming together nicely! Intention is based on co-creation and is community driven. As a result, every one of the DJs and performers is also a registered gathering attendee. 

DJ Submissions are still open for a little while longer, so send an email to party[at]intentiongathering[dot]org if you are interested in playing.  Live acts also welcome!


Confirmed DJ's include:

Beatrix the White             (
Uncle Willy                       (
Emog                                (
Pacha Papa &  Meta Stazi (
Instant Love                     (
Dave Praxis                      (

Pyrrha Luna                     (                 (
Thrillhaus                        (
Aerion                             (
(Live PA)     (
Adjusted                         (

Mati                                  (