Summer Intention 16.5, July 30st - August 3rd, 2015



Directions to Summer Intention will be send out on Wednesday night at midnight. Only those who have registered will receive those directions.

ATTENTION: If you miss the midnight cut-off time for registration on Wednesday night please contact us, but be aware that we cannot guarantee a prompt response as most of us will be at the site preparing for the festival and as such cannot guarantee that you will receive the directions either.
The price at the gate will be $140, so it is in your best interest to register before the deadline and save yourself $20.
If you don't receive the email, have difficulty registering, would like to attend but have not registered, or have any other questions please contact us at registration[at]intentiongathering[dot]org



We have added an extra day to Summer Intention!

If you want to arrive on Thursday evening (July 30th), you are free to do so at no extra cost. You will enjoy an extra day of camping, hanging out and meals.

There are no workshops or music planned for Thursday night or Friday during the day, and the official opening circle / ritual will still be on Friday evening.

Thursday night WILL feature a movie night!


ALSO - please be fire conscious! There are no fires of any kind allowed on the site.

And if you smoke, put your embers out carefully! Only smoke in designated smoking areas with a butt can set up. Smoking anything, anywhere else is prohibited.

Smoking in the woods could start a brushfire where we don't see it. That could turn into a forest fire! Don't do it!


Intention 16.5 Summer - Conscious Dance & Community Festival will be happening BC Day Long weekend, from July 30st- August 3rd, 2015!

Summer Intention is the summer camp-out version of the famous Intention retreat. This is a four day, three night event where a village of all ages convenes to celebrate, share, workshop, perform, dance, play, heal, connect, share meals, and have fun. Intention is a time and space for being authentically ourselves in a dynamic, loving and inspirational community setting.

Meals are provided during the weekend as part of your ticket. Our kitchen pod will be creating vegetarian meals for our culinary delight!  This year all meals are VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE.

Intention incorporates dancing, parties, kids play space, workshops, rituals, tribal market, yoga, art, and DIY culture. Intention is a warm, wonderful and special event that many return to every year to re-create a transformational container, one that continues to weave a vibrant community together every event.

It's awesome!

**You can come up to the land on Thursday (July 30th) in the late afternoon. There will be no workshops or music on Thursday evening or Friday afternoon, but this is a chance to come up and camp out. There will be a movie night on thursday night. Meals are included for the extra day as well.** 

**There is a BC wide fire ban in place. No fires will be permitted on the property in any form. Smoking is a concern too! There will be designated smoking areas with butt recepticles in strategic locations. No smoking of any kind whatsoever is permitted anywhere else. No smoking on the road or in the forest is permitted. This is a serious issue, and we expect everyone to respect these rules.**




Intention will feature a wide variety of electronic music acts and DJs from across BC, and spanning many different genres. The main stage will go on into the wee hours of the morning. Check out the music lineup for more info!


Intention is based on co-creation, we require all participants to sign up for one volunteer shift as part of the registration process. You can choose which parts of the event you are stoked to support.


Intention is an opportunity for individuals to share skills, magic and love with the community. This year, we hope have many talented folks stepping up to offer their gifts at the gathering in the form of workshops.


Meals provided will accommodate vegan and gluten-free diets. Please feel free to bring your own scrumptious food and cutlery. If you have special dietary requirements please bring whatever you need for that. There's a lot of opportunity to help with preparation, cooking, and cleaning, so don't be shy to pitch in! =)


Art & decor are at the very core of every festival. They create a fun landscape and visual candy for us to explore and appreciate. If you have the desire to share your art with the community, please contact decor[at]intentiongathering[dot]org.

BRING YOUR SACRED ITEMS to add to the various altars which will be created throughout the event space.


We will have an opening and closing ritual (with optional participation). If you are interested in contributing to this, or being a part of the Ritual Pod, or just looking for more information contact ritual[at]intentiongathering[dot]org


Summer Intention 16.5