Camp Info and Location / What To Bring / Rideshare


Not far from Robert's Creek on the Sunshine Coast. 

Exact directions will be released closer to the date.  Watch for an email around end-of-day on Wednesday Jul 29 (probably after midnight) with detailed directions to finding the location.


You can now download the Gathering Guide in pdf format, which gives an overall schedule for the event! CLICK HERE

However, this version is a tiny bit out of date, the correct "final" version will be printed and handed out at the gate.  If you want to view (or even print) the guide in advance you are welcome to do so, just be aware there may be minor changes.

One thing for sure: the version linked above doesn't indicate Thursday Supper, Friday Breakfast or Friday Lunch, which are now provided (but weren't in the initial planning).


Either use the rideshare sheet here:

Or if you are on Facebook, ask for a ride on the Intention Gathering group:


Everyone attending Intention must sign up for at least one shift during the gathering. Hillary, our volunteer coordinator, has been contacting people and signing people up for shifts with the various pods that you chose during registration.

Some of you have been contacted already, while others have not yet been signed up. If you as missed, you will have a chance to sign up for a shift at the gate.

It is very important that everyone sign up for, and work a shift. Intention is community driven, and based on the principle of co-creation. Everyone who is interested in getting involved with organizing is welcome to do so voluntarily, but everyone is at least expected to contribute some labour to making the gathering happen.

In this way, we all work together to make Intention happen, and the end result is a more fulfilling, magical experience.

Please work your shift! We need every single person to make the gathering run smoothly.


The gathering is very close to being totally accessible by transit (ferry and bus). If you do not have a ride, you can always ship your gear up separately, walk on to the ferry, and take transit to the Robert's Creek Store. From there, we have a shuttle that can pick you up at specific times.

These are the shuttle schedules for the Ferry and Bus, on Thursday and Friday afternoon and evening.

On Thursday Jul 30, the shuttle will swing by the Robert's Creek Store for only 3 of the buses, at 4:08pm, 8:13pm, 10:18pm

IMPORTANT! we are only sending a 4:08 shuttle on Thursday IF there is a need for it!  If you require pickup at that time, please phone or text 604-442-7792 as soon as possible if we don't hear from you, there won't be a shuttle there at that time.  (all other posted shuttle times will happen "no matter what")

On Friday July 31, the shuttle will swing by the Robert's Creek Store for the last 6 buses, at 4:08pm, 5:38pm, 6:23pm, 7:23pm, 8:13pm, 10:18pm


Horseshoe Bay to Langdale (Ferry)------- Langdale to Robert's Creek Store (Bus)
2:15 – 2:55------------------------------------------------------3:30 - 4:08
6:35 – 7:15------------------------------------------------------7:35 - 8:13
8:40 – 9:20------------------------------------------------------9:40 - 10:18
10:35 – 11:15---------------------------------------------------(no corresponding bus!)

(note: there are other ferries in between these times, and other buses, but you will still have to wait at Roberts Creek Store for one of the three times shown.)


Horseshoe Bay to Langdale (Ferry)------- Langdale to Robert's Creek Store (Bus)
2:15 – 2:55------------------------------------------------------3:30 - 4:08
3:45 – 4:25------------------------------------------------------5:00 - 5:38
4:30 – 5:10------------------------------------------------------5:45 - 6:23
5:50 – 6:30------------------------------------------------------6:45 - 7:23
6:35 – 7:15------------------------------------------------------7:35 - 8:13
8:40 – 9:20------------------------------------------------------9:40 - 10:18
10:35 – 11:15---------------------------------------------------(no corresponding bus!)

(for full Ferry schedule see )
(for full Bus schedule see

IMPORTANT: if you miss a connection, or a bus breaks down, or some other unforeseen happens and you are stranded and will miss the last shuttle pickup, phone 604-442-7792 and tell us your situation, leaving a detailed message if nobody answers.  however, phone service up at the site is sporadic and only works in certain "hot spots" so while that phone number will be checked on an occasional basis, the message may not be received for an hour or two. 

Shuttle service for any latecomers on Saturday is still "To Be Determined", but something will be worked out.  If you are in that situation, please send an email to info[at]intentiongathering[dot]org and tell us what your timetable is.  if something happens to cause you to be stranded with no shuttle pickup on Saturday, and you haven't been emailed by us with instructions, please phone 604-442-7792 (and wait) as per above. 

People taking transit and the shuttle who would like to ship their gear up ahead of time on the cube truck are welcome to do so.

The truck will be parked outside of Marti and Karen's house (2998 Grant Street, Vancouver) on Tuesday Jul 28 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Come on down and load your gear on the truck to make your commute easier.  Space is limited, so please try to take some of your gear yourselves.

Only gear that has already gone up to the land on the cube can come back onto the cube for the ride back! If you managed to haul it onto the land on your own, you can figure out a way to haul it out on your own.


Shuttle service back to Roberts Creek for the return trip will be arranged on an as-needed basis, but if you took a shuttle to Intention, you WILL be able to get a shuttle back!


Camping in/with your vehicle is not possible, you will be sleeping in a tent or other temporary structure that you provide, and dropping your stuff off in the main area but then parking back on the logging road.  If this isn't going to work out for you for some reason, please email info[at]intentiongathering[dot]org and we can discuss it.  There is VERY LIMITED space for RVs/vans for people who MUST camp in them, please contact info[at]intentiongathering[dot]org ASAP to check in with us.

CELL PHONE COVERAGE (if that matters to you)

Cell phone reception at the location is spotty and works better in some areas than others.  If you walk just downhill from the gate then you will be on the network pretty much for sure.  Just do that every couple of hours and you should get all your texts :-)






please have picture identification ready to show at the gate, THANK YOU!!



see Kitchen Pod - you will be fed three yummy meals per day, but you are responsible for having a few snacks, food for special dietary requirements, and meat/fish if these are an essential part of your diet (meals provided are all vegan and gluten-free).  There will be a secondary kitchen set up for cooking your own food if needed, but if you have a camp stove you would like to contribute to the secondary kitchen (we have some already but not lots) please bring it!  Watch for more info here and on the Intentiontribe email list for more about this.  (If you are not on the Intentiontribe email list you can join it by following the instructions here)

IMPORTANT: there will be a small selection of teas, but COFFEE is considered a "treat" / "personal item" and is NOT included in the budget!  If you are a big coffee fan, we suggest that you bring some of your favorite beans (already ground, unless you have a battery-powered grinder), and team up with the other coffee fiends and make some at every meal, or whenever you need it.  You won't be alone :-)

IMPORTANT! PLEASE NO anise, fennel, licorice - some people onsite are extremely allergic to these particular substances!  Also, please keep strong artificial frangrances/scents to a minimum, or not at all. 



There is no drinking water available on the land, so please bring enough for the entire festival.  There is a creek on the property which the owner has been drinking from for over 10 years, but it is a creek and therefore not guaranteed potable. Although some people will tell you it is safe to drink, others have gotten very sick from the water (including one of the land owners).  We ask that people bring their own water. We recommend people bring at least two 4 litres jugs per a person. There is an aquifer well pump in lower Gibsons where you can fill up if you like. They have recently started charging $1/gallon for this service and you will need to pay by credit card.

There are NO SHOWERS, but you can use the creek water for washing with earth-friendly soap, outside of the creek.  Please do not use any soap inside the creek.




Themes to consider: Tutus are ALWAYS appropriate at Intention :-)



Our Tribal Market will have artisans bringing one of a kind pieces, handcrafted goodies, feathery goodness and costume pieces galore for your purchase.  You’re sure to find a thing or two to compliment your costumes, fill your tummy or soothe your skin.  So bring SOME CASH to spend on these wonderful creations and support a member of the community!!! Prices vary from $2 all the way up to $300, so please be prepared, as there won't be a bank machine on site.



Highly Recommended to Bring
  • flashlight
  • musical instruments
  • journal
  • hoops and other toys to play with
  • games
  • music
  • ART to display outdoors
Would be Really Cool if you could Bring
  • tea (mate, herbals, hot chocolate)
  • craft supplies, e.g. paintbrushes, paints, crayons, paper, beads, feathers, crepe paper, glue gun w/glue, scissors anything with which to make masks, paint, have fun, doodle
  • rugs,  pillows, comforters for the LOVE tent
  • yoga mats
  • LED christmas lights
  • any other items that we have placed a call-out for.  Watch the Intentiontribe list for when this happens
Also Bring:
  • Towel/facecloth
  • Sunglasses
  • Earth-Friendly Soap
  • Tooth brush/tooth paste
  • Suntan lotion
  • Bug repellant
  • Deodorant
  • Condoms/lube
  • Vitamins/supplements
  • Any meds you are currently taking
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Camera
  • Décor for your personal space, if desired.


  • Hat
  • Boots/waterproof shoes
  • Sunny-weather shoes
  • Warm clothes
  • Cool clothes
  • Bathing suit (because you never know when you're going to get wet)
  • Socks
  • Rain coat (so it won’t rain!  ;-)  


  • FLASHLIGHT/HEADLIGHT  (or two!!) and BACKUP BATTERIES  (remember, the ground is rough and it may be DARK when you’re making your way to the outhouse!!)
  • Tent
  • Groundsheet 
  • Tent pegs
  • Fly or tarp for over tent (rope for same)
  • Air mattress/thermarest
  • Pump if necessary for air mattress
  • Sleeping bag/extra blankets
  • Pillow
  • Newspapers
  • Cup, bowl, plate and personal cutlery (there are a limited number of these in the kitchen already if you are absolutely unable to bring these)
  • Bungee cords (always seem to come in handy!)

(following items apply ONLY if you are planning on doing any of your cooking)

  • Cooler
  • Stove (you may be able to use one of the existing stoves though, see Kitchen Pod for more details)
  • Propane canisters
  • Cutting board
  • Pot holder/mitt
  • Swiss army knife/corkscrew/can opener
  • Wooden spoons/flippers
  • Frying pan/pots


  • lavender, amber, patchouli, anise, fennel, licorice - some people onsite are extremely allergic to these particular substances!  yes, we are serious, please abide by this!
  • candles holders and lanterns to keep the land safe
  • hangups
  • firestarting tools ***no fires of any kind are allowed due to a major drout.
  • cares and worries
  • negative attitudes
  • dogs and other companion animals unless they are actually a "service animal" (talk to info[at]intentiongathering[dot]org for clarification).  Unfortunately animals--especially dogs--do not always mix well with a large crowd of strange people of all ages. We don't like the idea of having to ask folks who bring animals to keep them tied up at all times, so we ask if you would please leave your non-human friends with others who can love them safely over Intention weekend. Thanks.

and last but definitely *not* least, bring your love, cuddles, and urge to dance, express yourself and participate!