Summer Intention 14.5, June 28 - July 1, 2013 (Intention Reflection)


INTENTION is an opportunity to practice the universal art of community, deepen our ability to cooperate, open our hearts, and harness the gifts we each bring.

Confirmed dates for Summer Intention are JUNE 28 - JULY 1, 2013, on the Sunshine Coast.

Summer Intention is the summer camp-out version of the famous Intention retreat. This is a four day, three night event where a village of all ages convenes to celebrate, share, participate, workshop, perform, dance, play, heal, create connections, decorate, rejuvenate, share meals, and have fun. Intention is a time and space for being authentically ourselves in a dynamic, loving and inspirational community setting.

During our 4 days of Intention together, we plan to share several dance parties, live music, gatherings by the fire, Intention Summer Games, dance jams, Kids Play Space, spiritual and personal connections, Yoga, Creative Workshops, Art, as well as shared meal time and spontaneous fun.

It's awesome!


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Intention is co-creative and participant-driven. We share our personal gifts and learn from the community. It is an opportunity to work together with old friends and new faces to create a safe container for a rich exploration of music, art, self-expression and creativity. We are always looking for volunteers to help with organizing and creation. If you would like to be involved in the organization process, please contact the org or one of the hosts on the Facebook page (Josie, Karen, Ritch or Willy).

FACILITATING A WORKSHOP at Intention is a great way to contribute to the community and an opportunity for people to get to know you and your gifts in a loving and supportive environment. If you feel inspired to share a workshop, please contact Ritch at workshops[at]intentiongathering[dot]org

THE TRIBAL MARKET is great way to present your craft/art to loving tribies in a way that will help you make back a portion of your Intention ticket. If you are interested in vending, please fill out the form on the Tribal Market page

ART & ART INSTALLATIONS are at the very core of every festival. They create a fun landscape or visual candy for us to explore and appreciate. If you have the desire to share your art with the community, please contact Beatrix or Eden at decor[at]intentiongathering[dot]org

Everyone is encouraged to find their own way to connect into the festival flow and become involved in the daily life, music and general production of the event. REMEMBER Watch for the volunteer sign up lists that will accompany your registration (or shortly thereafter)!

Check back in with this event page again in a while, for more info! Or join our mailing /chat list (not too busy, but good stuff WILL get posted) at:


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