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time Area 1 Area 2
2:15pm - 3:00pm Jenn and Alicia - HULA HOOPING
4:00pm - 4:45pm Jaia - VOICEBODYPLAY Evi - GREEK DANCE
5:00pm - 5:45pm Little Woo - THE SACRED KISS Chris - LAUGHTER YOGA


Workshop Descriptions


Hula Hoop workshop for kids, and  for adults who want to feel like a kid again!
This workshop is a basic workshop to encourage kids to pick up a hula hoop and try to do something that they may have never tried before, and to just have fun and be free with it. We will start off with hula hooping around the waist, teaching some techniques to keep the hoop up for as long as possible. We will then move into teaching how to hoop on other parts of the body such as the neck and arms, and we'll throw in some fun little tricks along the way! By the end of this workshop kids will feel more confident with a hula hoop, and we will encourage them to try multiple hoops at once!
Jenn and Alicia, a dynamic due, make up Circulus Hoops hula hoop company. Together they make and sell hula hoops as well as teach workshops around the city of Vancouver.  They are both very creative and love to express themselves creatively in many areas of their lives including fine art, music, dance, animation and more. They have been performing together as tribal fusion belly dancers, and dream of merging their hula hoop abilities with their dance performances one day soon. Although they haven't been hula hooping for too long now, they are very passionate about it and it's become a part of their everyday life. They are constantly attending workshops and learning new tricks to add to their repertoire and hopefully pass onto others. They love the joy and freedom that they feel from hula hooping, and they want to share this joy with others.These ladies truly live life from the heart and enjoy the freedom and many possibilities  that life has to offer.



Breathing is the essence of life. Meditation through breathing is one of the most accessible technique, although the results are among the most powerful. This workshop is adapted to the reality of our busy everyday life. It will teach you a 20 minutes routine that you can do on your own, every day. Take ownership of your body mind and soul. Take charge of creating the changes you desire, show up to your true potential.



Brief plunge into the world of ancient mantra's and their traditional and contemporary uses. Workshop will include chanting and explanation of various mantra's, and exploration of some of the cultural structures that surround chanting as a means of divine connection.

Raghunath is the host and producer of Mantra Radio on CiTR 101.9fm in Vancouver. He is initiated within an ancient bhakti-yoga lineage and has spent many years studying and teaching aspects of this tradition in both Canada and India. He aims to shed light on the universal nature of practice and revelation, beyond designations or established structure. Raghunath is an organizer of the long-running weekly EnChant Mantra Meditation gatherings in Vancouver and of the annual Kirtan Vancouver festival in Stanley Park. He regularly performs live, dj's, or leads kirtan (with traditional and contemporary instruments) at various types of yoga events, intentional dance gatherings and festivals. He is the chief speaker at EnChant and also facilitates workshops on kirtan, bhakti-culture and sacred sound. He also loves to dance!



VoiceBodyPlay is a workshop for anyone with a voice. We will be guided through a full body vocal warm-up, play around with some partner and group excercises to get our voices playing freely and then pass a microphone around and create live loops with only our voices. 

Jaia Sings a lot and has been studying and facilitating voice work for eleven years.



Traditional/modern Greek dance



In this mini-workshop, we will learn the Sacred Kiss Healing, a prayerformance that offers both the giver and receiver a tangible heart-opening and energy healing experience. It is a powerful way to experience immediate connection and deep compassion for anyone - friend or stranger.

Little Woo is a spiritual mentor who helps people engage their heroic life purpose and activate their passions.  The teachings and workshops in her Epic Evolution "school of expansion" support the re-enchantment of our hearts so we can be conscious builders of beautiful dreams, relationships, work and play. Visit her magical realm at



"Laughter is the best medicine!"  Truer words have not been said. Come have a great laugh, shed all your stress, and give the monkey mind a break. Laughter is good for the body, emotions, mind, and spirit! Laughter Yoga is a fun way to engage in child-like laughter in a creative and interactive way. Hahahahahaha!

Chris Pollitt is the owner of Universal Laughter, a company he started in 2009  after he became certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader. That summer, to help promote his new venture, Chris created the "A Daily Laugh for You" project; for 130 consecutive days he convinced people to help spread joy by laughing along in YouTube videos. He premiered the documentary “Laughology” in Vancouver, attended the 2010 annual Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humour conference in California, and laughed on Canada AM with Canada’s Laughologist Albert Nerenberg in 2011. From students to seniors, lawyers to health professionals, his passion to spread fun, growth, and connection drive his vision for a healthier, happier world.