Intentiontribe Googlegroup

The "intentiontribe" googlegroup is an email chat list that Intentionites can use to communicate with each other, and post events of interest, year-around.  Important information about Intention that we need to bring your immediate attention to will also be posted on this group.

Due to some recent changes by Google, it is not clear how to add your email to our googlegroup if you are not a google/gmail user. 

So there are now two-part instructions, instead of a simple link.

  • If you have a google/gmail account, first log into it (if you aren't already) and then go to and join up.
  • If you don't have a gmail account and want to sign up with a non-gmail email address, this will work but we have to do it manually (thanks Google, for being confusing!)  Just go to and fill in the form, or else email webmaster[at]intentiongathering[dot]org and ask to be signed up.  Whichever method you use, please tell us how you heard about us, and we will be happy to hook you up with the googlegroup!

If you are unfamiliar with email chat lists or are having problems signing up, please contact webmaster[at]intentiongathering[dot]org for help.

If you don't want to be part of the chat list, but do want announcements about events by email, follow the same instructions with this group to be added to the Announce-Only list: .